APEC Filtration System WFS-1000

The APEC 3 Stage Water Filtration System delivers great tasting drinking water at an affordable price. This complete 3-stage water filter system is made from high cgallonsomponents to offer long-lasting, reliable performance. The three premium quality filters lasts over 12 months for fewer filter change outs and high performance. Designed, Engineered and assembled in the USA, the system provides a continuous on demand supply of quality filtered water directly to your tap.

  • System Built With US MADE Super Capacity Filter For Long Lasting Dependable Filtration
  • NSF Certified Filters Guaranteeing To Remove Chemicals, Taste, And Odors
  • Used To Treat Tap Water, Well Water. Provide Unlimited Refreshing Water
  • 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee, With Life Time Support By Certified WQA Water Specialist Based In CA
  • System Comes With 1, 0% Lead-Free Chrome Faucet, Pl, s NSF & FDA Certified JG Food Grade Tubing
  • Purchase customer can choose Maintenance plan
  • The buyer already has the same system can select Post Maintenance plan
  • The Maintenace plan would conduct when the customer wants maintenance service with one year cycle. We would inform before the maintenance due date.