Watts Filtration System UF3

The UF-3 Filtration System was designed with you in mind.  It is equipped with a unique swivel valve, in head, push button assembly. This allows for a simple and sanitary filter change that does not require you to turn off the water source to the system. The UF-3 Filtration System is capable of running at low water pressures, does not require a separate water holding tank, does not alter the pH of the water, and does not require electricity. This allows a continuous, on-demand supply of premium quality drinking water directly to your tap. In the past, this process has been used largely in municipal water treatment plants and hospitals; however through technology advances, it is now available to you as an under sink water filtration system!

  • 5 Micron Sediment Filter – Reduces dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water. Note – It is recommended to change your Sediment Filters every 6 months.
  • 2 Micron LVOC (Lead and Volatile Organic Compound) Carbon Filter – Premium high capacity carbon block formulated specifically for the reduction of Lead as well as harmful VOC’s like Herbicides, Pesticides, TTHM, DPB and more. It also reduces chlorine taste and odors. Note – It is recommended to change your LVOC Carbon Filter every 6 months.
  • 0.2 Micron UF Membrane – Made with Hollow Fiber Technology using standard home water pressure to push water through it’s semi permeable membrane. Suspended particles and material of high molecular weight are unable to pass through it, allowing only fresh clean water and dissolved minerals to pass through. Note – It is recommended to change your UF Membrane every 12 months.